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The HaulTech warehouse management system (WMS) enables users to optimise the efficiency of their entire warehouse operation by creating a comprehensive, auditable record of stock movement, space and resource utilisation.

The WMS can be employed as a PC driven, hard copy based solution or as a wireless, bar code reading system driven by warehouse operatives utilising hand-held devices.


Connecting people and systems

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The system offers users a single interface from which they can:

Book it:
Manage customer accounts, stock levels, warehouse utilisation and segregation whilst maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of activity

Receive it:
Control incoming stock, create receipt notes, allocate storage space and control warehouse locations

Pick it:
Create pick lists, manage collection requests and generate all associated documents

Locate it:
Assign stock areas, manage space allocation and generate detailed stock control reports

Rate it:
Total financial control and visibility of tariffs for stock receipt, storage and handling charges

Invoice it:
Automated invoice processing and detailed financial performance reporting

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