Traffic Management System


The HaulTech Traffic Management System (TMS) is a premium business tool which helps users to increase profitability and customer service by optimising vehicle and driver utilisation and reducing the administration burden.

The TMS harnesses online, in-cab and third party technologies to deliver a scalable, solution to be utilised by logistics, distribution and haulage companies to optimise their operation while offering customers unparalleled control and visibility of their consignments.

Downloadable information:
PDF   Introducing the HaulTech Traffic Management System (TMS)
PDF   Return on investment from Haultech

Connecting people and systems

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The system offers users a single interface from which traffic planners can:

Book it – Quote, process, schedule and manage all job activity through an easy to use diary

Benefits – Total control and visibility for improved decision making and service

Allocate it – Create loads, allocate resources and monitor revenues by vehicle and driver

Benefits – Improved vehicle utilisation i.e. deliver more on fewer vehicles

Route it – Optimise delivery routes and schedules with on screen mapping

Benefits – Reduced mileage and fuel saving, more efficient loads and on time delivery

Track it – Integrated GPS tracking, signature capture and in-cab communications

Benefits – Enhanced customer and driver relations, visibility and control of vehicle movements

Rate it – Manage customer rate tables and job revenue

Benefits – Lower costs, increased margins and profitability

Invoice it – Automate control and monitor invoice activity and link major accounts software

Benefits – Accelerate order to invoice times and improve cash flow

Manage it – See real time key performance metrics

Benefits – Identify and target the data you need to improve your business

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